main menu

SAM Coupémain-samcoupe.png

Sega 32Xmain-32x


Famicom Disk Systemmain-fds

PlayStation main-psx

Commodore 64main-commodore64.png

sub menus

snes – super mario all-stars + super mario worldsub-supermarioallstars.pngsub-supermarioallstars2.png

sega master system – psycho foxsub-psychofox.pngsub-psychofox2.png

neo geo – metal slug Xsub-metalslugx.pngsub-metalslugx2.png

RetroPie ConfigMenusub-retropiemenu.png

oh, i would also just like to state, NONE of the placeholder box-art is included in this theme set, as i’m not the creator of those…


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